Melinda Szeliga Joins Chamber Board of Directors

At their recent annual gala, the Davie Chamber of Commerce officially welcomed Hillsdale Real Estate Group’s Melinda Szeliga to their board of directors. ¬†Melinda is committed to a two-year term, and she says she is excited to help facilitate positive, supportive interactions between current chamber members, as well as help to recruit new members.

But she admits there is a slight learning curve she hopes to quickly overcome.

“My goal initially is to be more of an observer,” says Szeliga. ¬†“By learning how the Chamber board and the Chamber staff function now, I can devote my time and focus my energy to improve the ways the Chamber helps businesses and our community as a whole.”

Melinda hopes to see more and more businesses realize the benefits of being Chamber of Commerce members.

“The Davie Chamber of Commerce is such a supportive network,” she says. ¬†“I believe all businesses can reap great rewards by being a part of it.”