Kayla Collier


Davie County born and bred, Kayla loves everything that entails, including helping her clients find the perfect home in the place she loves so much. Her enthusiasm for her hometown, paired with her inexhaustible work ethic and spitfire personality, makes Kayla a real estate agent you want to have on your side of any transaction.
A bit of a jack-of-all-trades, Kayla came to real estate after working as a pharmacy tech at a hospital in Winston-Salem. She’s also the go-to girl for her family’s residential and commercial construction business, helping with their bookkeeping, correspondence, and design decisions. While she’s still heavily involved in the day-to-day operation of RDG Construction, as well as helping to manage the family’s event venue, The Farm at Oak Hill, she decided to follow in her mom’s real estate footsteps and come to work at Hillsdale Real Estate Group.
When Kayla Isn’t Selling Real Estate
On her ideal day, you’d find Kayla on the back of a horse, or sipping a drink in the sand, or maybe in a pair of boots at a Nashville honky tonk enjoying some good country music. But most often these days, Kayla is in full mom mode. From the mischief of 2-year-old Presley, to all the new and exciting things that come with ‘big girl school’ and starting softball with 7-year-old Bristol, Kayla’s days are packed with fun. Baby Collier #3 is on the way—due in October—and the adventure is just getting started for Kayla and her husband, Major.
Bet You Didn’t Know
Move over, fellas! Our girl is a bit of a bourbon buff. While Vacation Kayla would never dream of turning down a fruity umbrella drink in a pineapple, her drink of choice is usually something oaky from southern Kentucky. And the more rare and hard-to-find, the better!
Kayla's Words to Live By
Stop doubting yourself. You can do it if you keep trying! Get up, brush the dirt off, and make it happen. And when all else fails, there’s not much a little bit of caffeine and a nice, long nap can’t fix.

Caffeine and naps