So Five Minutes Ago…Home Trends In 2016

Smart home

Trends ebb and flow. Some take off, and some just go away. But when it comes to homes, there are some trends that have really become necessary to pay attention to, and will likely continue to have significant impact on decisions of home sellers and buyers.

The first is the dining room. More and more people DON’T want them..At least for formal dining. Millenials especially are in the market for homes with open floor plans. There is little desire for formal designations between living spaces. The desire is growing for the kitchen to flow into a den that flows into home office space that flows into an entertainment area. A formal dining room is equated to wasted space since it’s rarely, if ever, used for dining.

For home sellers, this means rethinking the staging process. While you may have a lovely formal dining room now, when it comes time to put your home on the market, converting the space to a home office or conversation area may make the area more attractive to younger buyers.

Another trend we’re seeing lies in the bathroom. Well, it used to. The once popular jetted-tub is falling out of favor as larger walk-in showers, often with dual shower heads, have become more than just a trend. People are saying there isn’t enough time to wait and fill a tub, let alone sit in it for any length of time.

If you want to get as much return on your investment as possible, consider replacing your jetted tub with such a shower.

One more thing that homebuyers are also insisting on is for their new home is for it to be tech-ready. High-speed internet is a must. Ideally, your home should also be in a good cell phone service area as many people have cut the cord with traditional telephone companies.

If you’re thinking of selling your home and want an assessment of what things you may want to do to get it ready for today’s homebuyers, call the experts at Hillsdale Real Estate Group by calling 336-998-1967, and see how we’re ALL IN for you.


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