When homeowners approach us to sell their homes, there are a number of things we must do as Real Estate Agents. But one of the most important things you must do as a homeowner is to stage your home and make it presentable and appealing. You want to have a buyer walk in and think, “Wow! I like this home!”

Staging goes beyond repairs that should be handled first. Proper staging is all about creating an impression. The better the impression you can create, the quicker you may be able to sell your home for the most amount of money.

Home Staging

While there are plenty of room-specific things you can do, if you’re limited by a budget and/or time, it is best to focus on areas that will make the biggest difference in your home’s selling price. These areas are the entrance’s interior and exterior, kitchen and bathrooms, the master bedroom, and any outside living areas. Remember, your decorating tastes may not be the same as someone else’s, so anytime you can make things more neutral, it is best to do that.

Staging isn’t just “propping and painting.” It’s about creating a welcoming, comfortable atmosphere that’s appealing to a variety of people looking for a new home. But remember, the more you can invest in making your home look its best, the better your chances for getting the best price for your home.

Some simple strategies include:

  • Cleaning: In the kitchen, potential buyers may prefer to see new appliances that come with the home, but if you can’t do that, make the ones you have spotless. Really deep clean the kitchen, and work to keep it that way. In addition, make sure your bathroom shines from floor to ceiling, and corner-to-corner.
  • Cutting The Clutter: Clutter is a distraction. You want people to think “I can really see myself here!” not “how do they live like this?” Put knickknacks, collections and books in storage, but not in the closets! You want to keep closets as clutter-free as possible, too. Keep counter tops and surface areas free and clear, including the removal of “refrigerator art.”
  • Removing Odors: Pets. Athletic kids. Garlic from last night’s sauce. Odors also make an impression, and you want them to be as neutral as possible. From burning scented candles, to grinding a lemon in the garbage disposal to reduce sink odors, it all helps. As for pets, make sure to keep cat litter boxes and dog areas clean and fresh. And if you smoke inside, do whatever you can to smoke outside while your selling your home, and do whatever you can deodorize your home.
  • Removing Wallpaper: The likelihood of someone having your exact same tastes is low…really low. If you have the time and the resources, remove wallpaper and paint…just don’t paint over wallpaper!
  • Painting: It’s hard to go wrong with warm neutral colors.
  • Flooring: You wouldn’t want to buy stained carpet, but that can be the perception of carpeting that has a lot of wear. If you’re of the means, new carpeting or hardwood flooring can add a lot of value and appeal. At a minimum, have your carpeting steam cleaned.
  • Lighting: Open all curtains and blinds when showing your home. Add supplemental lighting where necessary. Outdated or broken light fixtures can be inexpensively and easily replaced, and should be.
  • Furniture: Make sure furniture is the right size for the room, and don’t clutter a room with too much furniture. Furniture that’s too big will make a room look small, while small furniture or under-furnished areas can make a space feel cold.

The bottom line is you want to create the best impression, so that homebuyers make you the best offer for your home. It will take some work, and it may require you to spend some money, but a little investment now can give you a better return in the sale of your home.

In future blogs, we’ll discuss landscaping and your home’s exterior, home inspections and other topics related to buying and selling a home.

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When homeowners approach us to sell their homes, there are a number of things we must do as Real Estate Agents. But one of the most important things you must do as a homeowner is to stage your home and make it presentable and appealing. You want to have a buyer walk...


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