What Makes Your House A Home? Part Two

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As real estate agents, we have the opportunity to assist in making our clients’ dreams become reality. This particular client’s dream was to live on a farm.  They attached this letter to their offer to purchase the property that would turn their dream into a reality. They are happy to finally be “home.” What is home for you?

To whom it may concern: 

I wanted to take a moment to introduce ourselves. My name is Stacey and together with my husband of 5 years, our two children, and the family dog, we are honored to be considered for the purchase of your land. I, personally, have been dreaming of this moment for the last 25 years. Having grown up just outside of Washington, D.C. and driving 30+ miles each way for riding lessons several times per week, my appreciation for the farm life began young. I moved south for college to push closer and closer to the way of life that, for all intents and purposes, had become my dream – no matter how ridiculous it may have seemed to others. My husband and I met, fell in love, and started our family in the ‘burbs like many young couples do. We still felt the nagging feeling that something was missing – that we still weren’t home.

 As we shared our hopes and dreamed for ourselves and our children, we came to realize that building a farm was inevitable. Not just any farm: my dream. A few years back, my husband even surprised me with the blueprints to my dream house! He began to build furniture, too, starting with a sewing table and moving to a beautiful farm table. I say all of this to say that today, when we walked out into the pasture, I could see it – the table in the kitchen, enjoying coffee as I looked out to the trees and the horses. I could smell the gardenias (yes, even as I breathed in the mix of manure and oiled saddle leather that evokes so many fond memories). I could hear the crickets sing their summer serenade as I envisioned reading the kids their bedtime stories. I could taste the sweet tea (okay, maybe with a little whiskey) as I saw us sitting on the porch. I could hear my own voice as I cheered for my daughter’s first solo ride or for my son’s first time on the mower. I could even see my husband’s hair going gray as we built a lifetime tucked away on our own little slice of Mocksville. I could feel the love of God with every muddy step today and, finally, we felt we were truly home.

 I have no doubt in my mind that this property has a history, a past, and a story of its own. We want to preserve it, honor it, and continue to breathe new life into it. I hope you choose our little family to continue its story.

 Thank you so much for your consideration.

 We love what we do here at Hillsdale Real Estate Group and we are All In For You! Call us today to make your dreams a reality!